Hope Camps – Science and Technology

Currently the Science and Technology camp is going on in Honduras. We started off the week making homemade ice cream! It was a ground breaking success and the kids loved shaking up a delicious science experiment. The following days were filled with the vacuum experiment where we got to watch the their eyes open wide […]

The Beauty of Relationships~Kacey Bolin Barahona

This week’s blog comes from Kacey Barahona (Bolin).  After the loss of her son, Jesús, Kacey struggled with understanding her purpose and vision in Honduras. However, the Lord reminded her that her purpose and vision is the same: Love is transforming. The same love that transformed her son, herself, the community they live in, so many […]

Ineffective Protection ~ Cassie Murray

Today’s blog comes from ROOM’s Missions Director, Cassie Murray.  Cassie has served in various aspects of ROOM’s ministry–often stepping into the place where she is most needed and feeling inadequate and ineffective all the way.  Not too long ago, I posted a picture on my personal social media of my son, Oliver Jack, and my […]

My Forever Valentines ~Kacey Bolin

Today’s blog post comes to us from ROOM Missionary Kacey Bolin.  The topic is her foster son, Jesús.  Two weeks ago, Jesús passed away unexpectedly from cardiac respiratory failure.  This is an awful loss.  Our warrior boy is deeply missed by the ROOM Family and many others who knew him.  We are keeping Kacey, Luis and […]



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