Answering prayers, building walls and growing food~ Ali

This week’s blog is a celebration from the heart of ROOM India’s Director, Ali B. ROOM’s vision has always been to come alongside existing ministries, link arms with them, and empower them to fulfill their own vision. The partnership built between ROOM and Bethel Ministries, through countless prayers and years of hard work by Ali and Bethel’s leaders, is resulting in the fulfillment of our vision in such a beautiful and tangible way. We are so excited about what the Lord is doing in India!

In 1997, Susama and Prabin Sipka were married and immediately committed their relationship to serving the Lord together. They were burdened by the children around them that were orphaned and working as laborers. They were burning with desire to see their neighbors turn from idol worship and turn to know the living God.

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Susama and Prabin, Bethel Ministries Co-Directors

This mutual burden and dream led them to move to a small town where the Gospel was not preached. They established a church, equipped pastors in surrounding areas, and started a home for children who had been abandoned.

As their dream to care for children and share the Gospel became a reality, their prayer and vision evolved to serve more and more children. As more children began moving into Bethel Orphanage, their prayer and vision was for someone to help carry their burden and partner with them to ensure these children were well provided for.

Their prayer was answered when God sent ROOM directors to visit Bethel in 2011. This initial visit paved the way for me to move to Bethel in 2014 as a ROOM Missionary. As I became a part of their family, I joined in their prayer for God’s people to come alongside of us and carry the burden of caring for these children. Our prayer has definitely been answered over the past few years as two teams, 10 people, from Horizons Church in Lincoln, Nebraska have come with us to Bethel to spend time getting to know the kids, the leadership, and their needs.

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Ali in India in 2014
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First Horizons Church Team in 2015
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Second Horizons Church Team in 2016

God continues to answer our prayers as he pushes us to trust Him for more. As many of you know, Susama and Prabin ran a Compassion International daycare center. Compassion gave permission for leftover food and resources from the program to go to the children living at Bethel. This was a successful partnership. In the spring of 2016 Compassion International was forced to shut down programs throughout India, including the program Susma and Prabin directed. Without these added resources, Bethel began to suffer greatly. In response, ROOM asked for help to meet some of their emergency nutrition needs.

God again has answered our prayers above and beyond what we could have imagined. In addition to providing a few months of emergency funds for nutritious foods, because of the generosity of God’s people, we have been able to dream bigger!

Our dream to begin sustainable projects for Bethel Ministries is becoming a reality.

This month, ROOM is funding a project to build a safety wall around Bethel’s campus! This wall will prevent people and animals, especially those who wish to do harm, from coming into Bethel. It is vital to the well-being and safety of the children living here. Once the wall has been constructed, Bethel will finally be able to launch their garden project. This will empower the Bethel family to grow fruit and vegetables in their very own garden; stretching tight food bugets farther, providing vital nutrition and teaching the children important life skills for the rural community in which they live. We are in awe at the way that God is providing for his children at Bethel and cannot wait to see what is to come in the future!

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Bethel’s land, which will soon have a boundary wall and their very own garden!


To learn more about this project, and to make a donation to support Bethel through ROOM India, please visit our website.

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