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It’s not often in life that we have the opportunity to see something come to fruition that once only lived in your dreams. This January I had the opportunity to do just that as children from 3 of 4 children’s homes we work with in San Pedro Sula, Honduras came together for a week of inspiring creativity, imagination, and technical thinking for ROOM’s first ever Hope Camps.

For anyone that knows me, it is no secret that I am not great with details. In some ways, well, in many ways, I have learned that not being a detail person has allowed me to step into things that I may have chosen to avoid had I known what it really took to accomplish them. I may not be a detail person but I do stick through what I start. However, Kacey, ROOM’s Honduras Country Director is a detail person. Isn’t that how God works? He builds a team by pairing just the right people together. I could have never made the vision the Lord set in my mind a reality. But we, Kacey and the ROOM team in Honduras (Belkis, Tirsa, and Luis), worked tirelessly to make the Hope Camps a reality and on January 7, 2019 campers stepped into the perfect environment to learn and dream.

What I have learned through the fruition of Hope Camps is that no vision and no fulfillment of hope happens out of no where. The fulfillment of Hope is the cumulative efforts of obedience and faith. It is the ultimate picture of community. God gives pieces to different people or different stages of life or both. God cares about community because God is community–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in One.

Hope Camps came through partnerships with visionaries here in the States understanding the need for hope and the reality that hope is not too far from anyone’s grasp. We want to thank Steve Smith and the engineering firm, Curtis Wright, where he has worked for the majority of his career. His investment in the lives of the children of Yo Quiero Ser has spurred him onward into being an ongoing part of our education efforts. He brought with him a team and 3D printers that not only inspired a sense of wonder and imagination for the kids, but also continue to be a tool we can use in the future.

The science camps were an incredible time for our campers to explore the world through experiments and even a tour of a local Pepsi factory. Local professionals connected the reality that science has a place in vocations.

Our hope is that Hope Camps can be a place where kids begin to connect that who they are created to be is a person with purpose.

Our art camps started with a shake up when I received a message that our lead partner, Hannah Stewart of Bettermen, was in a car accident. We were relieved that she was going to be okay, but the accident was serious and resulted in her inability to travel. Thankfully, her team was prepared to continue onward in her absence and after a brief moment of restructuring and planning we set off to start another week of camps.

The focus of our art camps was to give the campers the space and time to flex their creative muscles. Unlike the science camps where every experiment was a lesson in exacts, the art camps taught that their is beauty in doing things differently.

I love that God is both the Scientist and the Artist.

He is the God of exacts and order AND creativity and diversity.

Watching the campers use their imaginations and different techniques to connect colors to emotions was awe inspiring. I honestly could not  have dreamed of our first Hope Camps being such a beautiful success and it could not have happened without the connections that our team in Honduras has built with each home that we work with in country and the support we have developed here in the United States.

Every supply donated by generous people here, sowed into hope.

Every person that took time away from the lives in the States to be present, sowed into hope.

Every director from the homes where we work that made it possible for their children to be campers, sowed into hope.

We are so thankful and we are inspired to continue investing in cultivating a desire to dream in children living in children’s homes in Honduras. This fulfillment of the vision of Hope Camps isn’t for me. It’s for all of us. I hope you are as excited about all this as I am!

Stay posted to see how you can be a part of our continued Hope Camp ventures throughout the year.

**A special thanks to Harper Murray for designing this year’s Hope Camp logo. If you are interested in designing our logo for 2020, please contact cassie(dot)murray@makeroom(dot)org.

**Also thank you to Rebekah Read Creative  for digitizing the art and to Bailey Fidler for participating in our camps as a leader and capturing incredible images of the camp.

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