My Forever Valentines ~Kacey Bolin

Today’s blog post comes to us from ROOM Missionary Kacey Bolin.  The topic is her foster son, Jesús.  Two weeks ago, Jesús passed away unexpectedly from cardiac respiratory failure.  This is an awful loss.  Our warrior boy is deeply missed by the ROOM Family and many others who knew him.  We are keeping Kacey, Luis and all those who knew Jesús in our prayers and in our thoughts.  Kacey’s Valentine’s Day article is the perfect representation of how we will remember Jesús:  by his love.

A day all about love is like a day all about my Jesús.

He loved like no other.  He knew the risk of loving deeply and loved anyway.  He knew the sting of many losses but chose to love us anyway.  He chose us to be his Mom and Dad and he loved seeing our love for each other.

He loved love.

He knew love.

He believed in love.

Our first family photo


My prayer for Jesús was always the same; for his life to testify to the power of God’s love.  Two weeks ago he unexpectedly left our arms.  His passing has left me crushed because of how fully we loved.  I cling to the hope that his life will testify to love.  I walk forward because of love.  Loss in love has hurt every piece of me.  But it has testified to God.  It has to testify to how glorious and wonderful my God is.

Love healed my son, love opened his heart, love even took him home.

Friends, love deeper.  Love without fear.  Love for the sake of love.

I will continue to love deeply and fearlessly.  Please join me, for Jesús; for Christ, Jesus.

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