The Beauty of Relationships~Kacey Bolin Barahona

This week’s blog comes from Kacey Barahona (Bolin).  After the loss of her son, Jesús, Kacey struggled with understanding her purpose and vision in Honduras. However, the Lord reminded her that her purpose and vision is the same: Love is transforming. The same love that transformed her son, herself, the community they live in, so many that have witnessed their love, and her family has the power to transform us all.  Jesús’ legacy is a legacy of Jesus’ transformational love. And I am so proud of how Kacey has carried that forward into her love of Hogar Enmanuel.

Hogar Enmanuel has been a place that has helped my hurting heart heal so much. This year our relationship has grown and I have felt more like a part of their family than ever. After losing Jesús their arms were open to me. Through Hogar Enmanuel hope has born into my heart. It is one of the few places I am seeing beauty arise from these ashes.

What I love so much about Enmanuel is the relationship we have formed. It did not come quickly or super easily. Both I and the staff had our share of reservations. But with each visit a beautiful relationship began to form. In the past year alone they have shouldered the grief and pain of losing my son with me. And they have welcomed me to shoulder with them the burden of trying to raise nearly 100 kids when all too often they have less than they need.

They have poured out their love on me. I have poured out all the love I have on them.

Something beautiful has formed from this.  We have genuine relationship.


Something changed for me when each of them chose to hug and love me in my most broken state. They have seen my tears, wrapped their arms around me, and committed themselves to encouraging me through the good and difficult days.

Something changed for them when I worked my way under the burden they carried and found a place to shoulder it with them.

We know we are in this together.

I can truly trust them because I know they truly love me. And they can truly trust me because I truly love them.

Now we are seeing God do incredible things. Our relationship has brought a partnership that is founded on love, understanding, and hope. Together we talk about the most basic needs and the biggest of dreams.

They confidently share their needs and dreams with me because they know while they continue their job I will do mine.

I will do everything I can to amplify their voice. I would hold their needs and dreams like a burden upon my shoulder and do all I can to see them come alive.

It is not a heavy burden. Alone, it is a burden too heavy for them. It is a burden we can carry together.

As ROOM we can use our resources to meet needs. We can use our reach to raise funds for their needs and connect others. We can share the needs and dreams with all of you. We can use our relationships with other ministries to make more happen.

We can do what we do best- share about the amazing homes, staff, and children we have relationships with and show the world how to get involved.

We can keep dreaming with them, pray with them, and work with them to see needs met and dreams come alive.

We are seeing it happen.

An empty supply closet was refilled.

Nutrition improved.

A discipleship program started for the teenage boys.

The youngest children started learning about Jesus.

These dreams are already happening. And we are still dreaming!

We are believing to see kid’ s church come to the kids that are too small to go!

We are dreaming for team building and staff discipleship and training activities.

We are dreaming for supplies to make the kitchen safer.

We are dreaming for more staff that can fill in gaps.

We are dreaming for nutrition to continue to improve.

We are dreaming.  We are seeing these things come true.

I never imagined my relationship with a children’s home could be what my relationship with Hogar Enmanuel is. Together we are seeing God do incredible things. The staff is dreaming again. They know there are people that love them. They know their voice is being heard. They are encouraged and hopeful.

Relationship matters because it goes beyond what I can do for you. Relationships says I love you before it says anything else. Relationship says we both have something to offer. We both matter. Relationship says together is better than alone. In relationship we spur each other on. Relationship funnels the power and the love of our God to earth and incredible things begin to happen.

This is just the beginning.

To learn how you can connect to and help fill crucial needs at homes like Hogar Enmanuel, please email or!


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