What Stirs Your Heart to Action?

Guest Blog Post: Jack Bradham

A few weeks ago, I asked the folks at ROOM, if I could share in a blog post. I wanted to share the great joy, and clarity I find in its mission. After many years of working with ROOM, and the many people who support it, I could not think of a better thing to do at Christmas.


Most of you do not know me, but, if you did, you would find I am a passionate guy. Easily excited, I race from one idea to another with little regard for what is or what has been. It has been the force of my great successes and failures; and so, it has continued.  When younger, I was even more so.

For many, including me, age and life experience have had a neutralizing effect. Rendering me more thoughtful and careful, the vigor of youth fades. Rumination often replaces my quick decisions, “wait and see” replaces “jump right in”. Additionally, as real or perceived scarcity develops, investments can become less heartfelt and more cautious. In the end, I worry that reluctance is the shadow of missing purpose and passion.

We’ve all been there. Make a few bad calls while giving or investing, and confusion, or worse, cynicism, can set in. We all want to know we’re giving to a cause we believe in and care about; that the money goes directly to that purpose. No wasteful spending or misdirection.

For me, ROOM provides a unique occasion of clarity and I want to share it:

First, one question:

What situation stirs you and your heart into action?

For me, it is simple. Children. Specifically, orphaned or abandoned children. And even more specifically, orphaned or abandoned children, in places where there are folks to help but, very limited resources to help them.

This is a very simple concept to me. A child is born and, through no fault of their own, and with no means to handle it themselves, they are left un-cared for.


Just writing that thought wells ups tears and screams in this soul.

On top of the helplessness of these children, I feel especially concerned knowing those closest, who want to serve, are heavily constrained by resources. These can be complex reasons: challenging economic times, socio-economic divisions, politic upheaval … but to the child, it doesn’t matter why. These children still need water, food, shelter, and medical care – at the very least.

The children, and those who wish to care, based on their own devices … would be left helpless.

This is enough to “stir me and my heart into action” and this is precisely what ROOM: Reach Out Orphanage Ministry works to deal with.

ROOM’s mission statement is very simple and descriptive: “We work to empower children and communities through abandonment prevention, orphanage care, and long-term support. “

ROOM’s work is accomplished with wonderful people (locally and here in the United States) working with local caregivers and care facilities (orphanages). ROOM start by working to prevent abandonment.

Unfortunately, abandonment does occur, and ROOM ensures that every step possible is taken so that children are not “left helpless”, instead they see that the children are properly cared for.

As time passes, children can be placed in, or are able to find, permanent care and housing. ROOM also works to help children grow from their past into the new “rest of their lives”, in a healthy and sustainable way. This may mean working with the new parents, or with the children themselves.

All this takes place in the places where caregivers struggle to help: Honduras, India, Nepal. The efforts are very targeted; often serving only a few hundred children and a time. ROOMS reaches specific children and lives. They do not operate as broad application of relief but, rather a precision strike in the lives affected. Would ROOM like to reach more? Yes!

ROOM has a very clear and defined purpose. Which lines up directly to a “situation that stirs me and my heart into action”. Fortunately, the problem ROOM fights is not “finding purpose”.

ROOM understands its purpose. ROOM is looking for others who understand their purpose.  We can help them reach more children.

Remember the question:

What situation stirs you and your heart into action?

By sharing, I hope to share the need ROOM and I see. I pray today it will enliven you and give you purpose. Little seems more important to me now that I have seen this need. It has certainly given me purpose.

Purpose isn’t everything, I pray for your passion too. God knows this ministry has filled many vacancies my soul has surely known. When you see your purpose, and put your heart into it, fulfillment will become real. Satisfaction will become real, and joy will become real. Most importantly though, gratitude becomes real. I believe when you wholeheartedly engage in purpose, engaging your passion, you will become thankful. And there is no greater level of joy than gratitude.

My request is you join me in supporting ROOM. ROOM relies on gifts and, specifically, monthly support to be present and consistent. This is the most important part of their work, consistency. Only 10% of those who support give consistently. Read the stories of success at http://MAKEROOM.org then visit https://donorbox.org/makeroom and start the journey.

Merry Christmas!


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