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Blogs From The Field

Reach Out Orphanage Ministries’ Blog:

This collaborative blog tells the story of ROOM’s ministry week-by-week through many different voices as ROOM staff and missionaries take turns blogging about their unique experiences.

Ali’s Blog:

Ali launched ROOM India when she moved to Orissa, India in 2013 to serve as a missionary living at Bethel Children’s Home. In addition to providing leadership for the Orphanage Care program, Ali spearheaded our Orphan Prevention Daycare Project. Ali is serving as a missionary-in-motion, traveling to Orissa regularly to provide leadership and support for ROOM India’s programs, while living full-time in Lincoln, Nebraska where Ali works in education, outreach and fundraising to further ROOM: India’s ministries. Ali shares these varied experiences through captivating stories and bright pictures.

Murray Family Blog:

Kyle and Cassie Murray are ROOM: Honduras’ Country Co-Directors. Kyle and Cassie, along with their four children, followed God’s call to serve as ROOM Missionaries in Costa Rica and Honduras. They have worked for ROOM through many roles, including running our largest Transition Home in Honduras, mentoring and supporting Honduran missionaries and staff, providing overall financial management and running countless Orphanage Care projects. At this time, Kyle and Cassie are serving ROOM Honduras from the U.S. through fundraising and advocating for our missionaries, staff, programs and children. This family’s diverse experiences with ROOM’s ministry are told through Cassie’s journalistic, captivating writing style.

Kaylie Kuhn’s Blog:

Kaylie is serving as a full-time, permanent missionary in Honduras. She supports the Orphanage Care program in Honduras and provides critical respite care for ROOM Transition Homes. Kaylie is passionate about orphan prevention and family reunification. She spends most of her time and energy supporting Lizzie, her former foster daughter, as she transitions back into the care of her biological family. As both the youngest and longest tenured ROOM Missionary (Kaylie began her missionary work with ROOM when she was a foster mother at age 18), Kaylie’s experience, personal relationships with the orphan care community and passion for children shine through this blog.

Kacey Bolin’s Blog:

Kacey Bolin has been a full-time ROOM missionary since 2014. She is a full-time, single foster mom to Jesús, a boy with special needs who is fighting hard to overcome years of neglect and malnutrition. Kacey spends her days taking Jesús to therapies and classes. Kacey is knowledgeable and passionate about children with special needs, occupational therapy and foster care. In addition to her parenting responsibilities, Kacey supports ROOM’s Orphanage Care program by building strong relationships with children at a partner orphanage. Kacey’s blog tells the stories of seeking the Lord through extraordinary, ordinary moments she lives as a ROOM Missionary in Honduras.

Weed Family Blog:

Joey and Kellie Weed, along with their son Connor are serving as full-time missionaries in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The Weeds have been instrumental in continuing and building ROOM’s orphanage care and orphan prevention programs. Since joining the mission field, they have helped re-energize and refocus ROOM’s ministry. They spend much of their time in children’s homes and in the bordo community. Joey uses the gifts God has given him by serving in many practical ways including managing small building projects and providing much needed repair services. Kellie manages our social media and communications to best relate what God is doing on the mission field. In each blog they write, they use transparency that reveals all sides of a family serving in a third world country.

A ROOM team works to find placement for abandoned babies with foster families.

Cassie Murray believes, “mothering isn’t just for mothers”. Volunteers bring love to precious motherless children.

The capacity for joy among those who have nothing, is found all across India. ROOM is determined to find a way to help many more children.