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Other Partnerships

Costa Rica

In 2014 Kyle and Cassie Murray launched ROOM: Costa Rica’s Orphanage Care Program. Living around the rural community of La Fortuna, Kyle and Cassie, along with their four children, began building partnerships with local orphanages and ministries over their first few months. After extreme social and political changes in Honduras, including the closure of the governmental child welfare system, the need for ROOM staff in Honduras was much more urgent than in Costa Rica, so these programs were combined.

ROOM continues to communicate with the orphanage partnerships we have established, but with limited financial resources available we are focusing on the greater orphan care needs around San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Costa Rica Orphanage Care


In 2014 ROOM began building relationships with orphanages in Nepal. We have established partnerships with three children’s homes there. Over the last few years ROOM: Nepal has provided orphanage care support though special assistance projects, including disaster relief support after the 2015 earthquakes.

"For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command, Love your neighbor as yourself." - Galatians 5:14

In Nepal, like so many countries, Orphans are waiting for help. Hold on. We are coming!

It is a blessing to teach a forgotten child that Jesus loves him always.

The Scarlet Project is successful in every country we reach. Helping with critical health needs, and advancing local adoptions.