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Reach Out Orphanage Ministries’ largest agency presence is around the community of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. R.O.O.M. has been serving orphanages in Honduras since 2006.

Over the years, our work in Honduras has taught us that in places of overwhelming poverty, much can be accomplished by showing up with a simple plan of action and the willingness to work toward a goal.

Through partnering with orphanages, R.O.O.M.’s model of meeting children’s five basic needs was established:

1) Safe drinking water
2) Nutrition and fresh produce
3) Medical and dental care
4) Clean and safe living spaces
5) Gospel and educational materials

R.O.O.M. has over 100 orphanage partners in Honduras. We have dedicated mission staff in the field, and have successfully built partnerships with other nonprofits to secure needed resources. Our work in Honduras has shown us that there are good people everywhere who want to help children who have been orphaned.

Today R.O.O.M. Honduras serves children through two programs: The Orphanage Care program and the Scarlet Project. The Honduras Orphanage Care Program works to meet the five needs listed above for our partner orphanages. The Honduras Scarlet Project provides emergency health interventions for children in the orphan care system, operates Transition Homes and manages foster family placements.

Honduras Orphanage Care