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ROOM began our relationships with Indian orphanages in 2011.  In 2013 we officially launched ROOM: India when missionary Alexandria B. began living full-time at Bethel Ministries Orphanage in Orissa, India.  ROOM: India operates two primary programs, Orphanage Care and the Orphan Prevention Daycare Project.

ROOM: India’s Orphanage Care Program supports the 70 children living at Bethel Children’s Home in Orissa, India.  We work closely with the orphanage directors, Pastor Prabin and Susama Sipka, to ensure the children in their care have adequate nutrition, safe drinking water, basic healthcare and hygiene supplies.  We hope to continue providing much-needed building improvement projects to promote the children’s safety and wellbeing.

ROOM: India’s Orphan Prevention Daycare Project provides free childcare, nutrition subsidies, basic healthcare, early childhood education and Gospel lessons for preschool-aged children living in Tikkerpada, a slum community in Orissa, India.  We also provide parent education classes and community meals.  This program is empowering parents to care for their own children, so children can avoid living in orphanages and families can stay together.

India Orphanage Care

It takes so little to bring joy to children who have nothing.

Clean uniforms help children feel good and eager to learn.

ROOM empowers an orphanage to give children a brighter life.