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Oftentimes, among ourselves, we reference ROOM as a Ministry for the One. We believe that the God we serve is a God that sees us all, and sees us all as individuals. This week’s blog by ROOM’s India Country Director, Ali, exhibits our heart to know the people we serve. ROOM’s partner ministry in India exhibits that heart to a inspirational level. We are so thankful to partner with such incredible ministries that share our heart.

In a country of 1.3 BILLION people, with an estimated 20 MILLION orphans, India is a country where undervaluing the one is easy. During the time I lived in India, I remember driving just a few minutes and encountering countless numbers of new villages with hundreds of desperate people within them.  I would see their circumstances and feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the hardships.  How in the world would we know who or how or when to help when the need was so great physically, socially, financially and spiritually?


The good news in the midst of such need is that we serve a God who is in control of all things.  Our God sees the one, knows their need, and has ordained each day of their life. He meets all of our needs in Himself and in response to His glorious grace, we get to walk into His story of restoration.


I have been amazed by the way ROOM’s partners in India, Bethel Ministries, have seen the one as Jesus does. In earthly standards, Susama and Prabin, Bethel’s directors, don’t have much and are surrounded by people with even less. Their physical need is great, but, Oh!, do they have a Great God sustaining them!  Instead of living a life overwhelmed by the brokenness around them, they see the people around them and walk toward them and with them.

These 27 students at Bethel will attend the private school on bethels campus.JPG
These 27 children are now receiving disaster relief care provided by ROOM’s partner Bethel Ministry.

Last month, Susama and Prabin saw a need and walked toward it when there was a flood in a village near the town where Bethel Ministries is located.  They had a previous relationship with this village and delivered survival bags of food and medical/hygiene products after the flood.  When they visited, they saw 27 individual children were in desperate need of help. These 27 children came from poor families, had never attended school (which doesn’t exist in their village), worked labor jobs and were very malnourished.  After the flood, every home was flattened to the ground, leaving them homeless and at great risk of being trafficked.

Homes flattened by flooding in India

Even though it doesn’t make complete sense because the great financial expense of feeding more children, Susama and Prabin saw each of these children as one that matters to Jesus and has a story worth joining.

Now, these 27 children are safe at Bethel, attend the English school on campus, and are learning about our living God who sees and cares for their individual soul. 27 children represent .00013% of the orphans in India. But Jesus, Susama and Prabin and ROOM India are choosing to look through the statistics and to the one.

Relief care provided by Susama and Prabin

The inability to help all children will not keep us from making the decision to stop and walk with the one, or the twenty-seven. Is there a way that God is calling you to step into the Story of one?  If so check out our website to see how you can partner with us:

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