We live to share Christ's love. Empower children and orphan care institutions. We believe there is Hope.

Love is real.

This is what we do.

Provide support to public and private orphanages through our Orphanage Care programs. Our goal is to empower orphanages to become clean, healthy and filled with God’s love. Our vision for the future of ROOM is that orphan care services will no longer be needed; that all children will grow up in loving, family-style homes where their basic needs are met. Until that time, ROOM hopes to continue providing high-quality, Christ-centered orphan prevention, orphanage care and family placement solution programs.

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General Questions: Catherine Kirkendall, Executive Director Catherine.Kirkendall@makeroom.org Call: +1 704.880.0445

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Kacey + Luis Barahona

Honduras Country Director

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Program Director

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India/Nepal Country Director

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Executive Director